SoCo is an exclusive political consulting firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Together we rise to all challenges.

What We Do

We proudly advise individuals, and public and private entities globally in all matters related to political strategy: governance, foreign policy, risk analysis, electoral campaigns, government-to-government and government/public relations. We are a human-sized firm that provides exclusive tailor-made solutions based on the client’s specific needs. Our outstanding success record is built on the combination of the necessary expertise, discretion resulting in effective and innovative approaches to address our clients’ challenges. Our unique networking, outreach, and in-depth knowledge of local and international politics give us distinctive insights and fresh perspectives.

Policy Strategy & Design

We advise and design effective legal, social, and educational tools for good governance

Research, Foresight & Analysis

We conduct policy-oriented research using mixed academic methods and approaches

Public Relations Strategy

We define and optimize your relationship with international and local partners

Image & Communication

We create narratives and (re-)invent your image for a maximum impact on your targeted audience

Organization & Training

We help you to build sustainable structures and efficient teams

Crisis & Reputation Management

We steer you through any storm

Dr. Sophie Lemière


Sophie Lemière is an out-of-the-box-thinker with 18 years of research and consulting experience in Southeast Asia, providing expertise and political foresight analysis for universities, think-tanks and international organisations. Sophie is strongly committed to applying her research and design policy strategies, whilst conceptualizing real-world development projects. Sophie has experience in successfully navigating exclusive political circles and engaging all types of communities in a culturally sensitive context. She received her PhD and MA in Political Sciences from Sciences-Po Paris, and a MA in Geopolitics from University Paris-Saint-Denis. She has been a research fellow at prestigious institutions in the United-States, Europe, North and Southeast-Asia.

We turn your challenges into opportunities.